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Permanent Supported Housing Program

During the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, Heartland was able to start our newest program, Permanent Supported Housing. This program provides homes, fiscal support, and ongoing case management for chronically homeless individuals with a disability that limits them from living successfully on their own.

The program launched with supporting 14 homeless individuals in 2020 and in 2022 grew to servicing 33 with expansion into housing in Iowa. 

Heartland's PSH program addresses needs by first determining what each person or families' needs are by speaking with them and doing a needs assessment. While some clients may just need housing, others may need wraparound services from Heartland. Once the needs assessment is completed, the clients are referred to the level of care necessary at that time and to what programs would be appropriate for them. Treatment plans are also developed.

Success Stories:

  • For one couple, this program provided their first home in over ten years after living on the streets.
  • One homeless mother gained custody back of her daughter after celebrating nine months clean and sober thanks to treatment from heartland and stable housing. She is now working, being healthy, and being a mom.
  • This program helped someone who had been living in the Mission to finally gain his SSDI. He has now been stable and housed for almost three years. He barely needs any support today.
  • One individual is now in therapy and working towards her mental stability now that she has been housed by Heartland's program after being unsuccessful with two other agencies.

This program is funded by HUD.

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